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About Platinum Eye Candy Girls

Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit about Platinum Eye Candy Girls. If you are seeking the hottest outcall entertainment Las Vegas has to offer, you have come to the right place. Because we seek for you to have a thorough understanding of the escort industry in Las Vegas, below you will find general Las Vegas escort information as well as a great deal about Platinum Eye Candy Girls Escorts.

  • Platinum Eye Candy Girls has a celebrated history in the escort industry and pride ourselves on maintaining a high rate of repeat clients.
  • Client preferences are embraced as we appreciate the fact that clients seeking to learn more about Platinum Eye Candy Girlshave varied tastes. For this reason, we ensure a dynamic selection of the hottest Las Vegas escorts working today.
  • We continue to evolve and refine details about Platinum Eye Candy Girls to stay current with industry trends and client preferences.

What is the Difference Between an Escort Service and Independent Escorts?

Independent escorts working entirely solo, sans an escorts service, may or may not be licensed outcall entertainment providers. These escorts advertise on classified sites such as Backpage’s erotic section, Eros Las Vegas and directory sites such as The Girl Directory and Open Adult Directory. Prior to September, 2010, Craigslist also offered an erotic section, but was shut down due to the abundance of negative outcomes for customers when hiring unlicensed independent escorts.

Escort services acquire Outcall Entertainment Referral Service licenses allowing them to provide non-sexual referrals to licensed escorts for a fee. This business model protects clients because the escorts are working within the perimeters of the law. You may read additional information about the benefits of choosing an escort service over an independent escort here.

What You Should Know Prior to Calling an Escort Service or Independent Escort

Reputable escort services will ask:

  • The name on your driver’s license or state-issued ID or the name that was booked on the reservation at the hotel where you are registered
  • How many hours you are seeking your encounter to last and the exact time and date you would like your entertainer to arrive
  • Your direct contact number, preferably a cellphone

Reputable escort services will not:

  • Expect you to pay for any in-room entertainment exceeding non-sexual entertainment
  • Deny your request for another escort to visit your room should the first sent not be up to your standards
  • Refer a licensed independent escort to any individuals under the age of 18.

How Much Should I Expect to Pay for a Las Vegas Escort?

This is probably the most frequently requested information from prospective clients or people interested in the in-and-outs of the Las Vegas escort industry. Simply, expect to pay whatever you are comfortable with paying over the escort service referral fee and the minimum the entertainer is willing to accept for her entertainment. Every escort advertising as a Las Vegas escort on any escort service website, escort directory or escort classified website is an independent escort and does not work as an employee for any named agencies, but as an independent contractor.

Each escort service charges a referral fee to the entertainer which is usually $250, but in some circumstances will be lowered to as little as $50 when booking multiple hours. When the escort arrives to a client’s room, she will go over the cost for her erotic entertainment which ranges depending on what you and the entertainer agree upon in the privacy of your room.

Legalities Involved in Hiring an Escort in Las Vegas

Nobody looking for a great time in Las Vegas wants or expects the journey to end in a legal hardship. Clients talk about Platinum Eye Candy Girls because we take measures to ensure your in-room entertainment is as aboveboard as it is thrilling and erotic. Along with the best escorts Las Vegas has to offer, we have the most secure scheduling process from start to finish.

  • Platinum Eye Candy Girls does not utilize the services of illegal aliens passing cards on the strip. These individuals are referred to as handbillers or card-slappers, and most often are breaking numerous laws, putting clients at risk on many levels. Escort agencies with such shoddy and immoral business practices should be avoided.
  • Clients do not have to be concerned about Platinum Eye Candy Girls using ever-common bait and switch techniques when it comes to advertising low-end pricing. Cards and fliers advertising time with an escort for $35 are simply a marketing ploy centered around up-charging when the escort arrives.
  • Platinum Eye Candy Girls will not share your information with third parties. Our company strictly prohibits any solicitation of clients via phone or email. You will not hear from us unless you have specifically requested more information about our services or subscribed to our newsletter. You can read more about how we use data collected on our site and what we do with that data via our privacy policy.
  • All escorts working with Platinum Eye Candy Girls are pre-screened and required to be licensed with the state of Nevada prior to going out on any of our calls.
  • Escorts advertised on platinumeyecandygirls.com are 100% authentic models, and the biographies you read on the profiles are the real deal: no fluff or make believe. What you read is what you get.

Is Prostitution Legal in Las Vegas, NV?

No. Prostitution in Las Vegas, NV is considered a crime, and if you have ever tried asking any entertainer if they will have sex with you, your question has likely been met with a deer in the headlights look, or the entertainer may have made her exit upon being asked. Any money exchanged is for non-sexual entertainment such as striptease, etc. If anything transpired outside of the entertainment call between two individuals without money being exchanged is considered to be a non-paid encounter between two consenting adults.

Are the Photos Advertised Real?

The majority of photos on printed material found on Las Vegas Blvd. and websites offering Las Vegas escorts are models, including the girls here on our site. The reasons for this are many, but the primary consideration is the safety and privacy of the escorts. Just as we afford our clients the utmost discretion, we are also concerned about Platinum Eye Candy Girls independent escorts maintaining a sense of privacy. Fear not! The entertainer sent to your room will strongly resemble the girl you requested. While this does not seem like the best possible way to select your nightlife entertainment, the chances the entertainer will be sent away are minimal, as you are exchanging one very hot girl for another very hot girl that chooses to keep her real profile out of the public's eye. Read up a little more on common escort terminology, such as GFE, e.g. girlfriend experience here.

Licensed Las Vegas Escorts

If you have taken away anything from this section of our site, it should be the importance of working only with licensed escort services. You will encounter many websites and printed offers for escorts in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, few operate within the legalities imposed by the city. Clients do not have to worry about Platinum Eye Candy Girls operating any aspect of the business in any manner other than completely professional.

Clients of ours trust top-notch service is delivered from the initial contact to the time one of our young ladies arrives at your home, vacation rental or hotel room. There is no concern about Platinum Eye Candy Girls lacking discretion and professionalism. Each of the Las Vegas escorts working with Platinum Eye Candy Girls is required to be licensed and follow strict client/company policies and procedures at all times.

These are just a few things we do to maintain our client base and are always looking for new ways and ideas to exceed our clients’ expectations. We remain dedicated to customer satisfaction and prioritize taking care of clients seeking a select group of Las Vegas escorts provided by an escort service that doesn’t add fluff to their site with false advertisements, coupons and gimmicks.

One thing to consider when choosing the escort agency you want to do business with is the circle of escorts Las Vegas has to offer and what escorts are exclusive to any given agency. For instance, most of the Las Vegas escorts found on licensed escort service sites such as Las Vegas Escorts KB, Las Vegas Escorts & Company, JTrippleD, Inc. and Vegas Book LLC are independent but take calls for each agency. Platinum Eye Candy Girls tries to maintain a constant flux of beautiful, engaging entertainers exclusive to our agency, but also advertise on non-Vegas escort directories such as those mentioned below in our directories about Las Vegas escorts section.

Directories About Las Vegas Escorts

Numerous methods for finding an escort in Las Vegas you are comfortable with exist. Below is a list of escort directories that are either centered primarily on Las Vegas escorts or international escort guides with a Las Vegas section:

  • Dark Side Productions, or, as known by the mainstream, Eros Guide
  • Open Adult Directory
  • Girl Directory
  • City Vibe

Blogs About Las Vegas Escorts

Individuals interested in the industry in general or erotic articles about Las Vegas escorts enjoy these great blogs dedicated to either Las Vegas escorts or have a section specific to Las Vegas and the escort industry:

  • The Las Vegas Courtesan Blog
  • The Outcall Entertainment Blog

Both provide a great deal of information about Las Vegas escorts and doing business in the industry as a whole. Please take the time to read our blog to learn more about Platinum Eye Candy Girls and other pertinent information about escort services in Las Vegas.

Hopefully, we have covered anything you were wondering about Platinum Eye Candy Girls. If you have any other questions or wish to schedule an erotic encounter with one of our captivating ladies please call us at 702-333-0203 or fill out our contact form for a fast response.

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